Photo Gallery

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Doug Huffer killed this buck on the morning of November 9, 2009 in Northern Harford County. The shot was 25 yards. It's a 9 pointer with 2 kickers, a 19" inside spread and weighed 170 lbs

Jeff McCormack got this buck on the evening of October 30, 2009. He is a 10 pointer and estimates his weight about 220 lbs.

Club member Ron Broadwater used a Bob Lee 41# 3pc t/d  longbow. The arrow was a Bemam 500 with a 150 Zwickey 2 blade b/h. The deer was shot at approx. 17 yards and was moving (very fast)!!!
I was on the ground in Cecil County.
Note- fellow member Glen L was my hunting partner and pushed the buck towards me.

David Snyder used a Matthews LX, drawing at 70 pounds, and shooting Whitetail shafts with 100 grain Thunderheads, 430-grain arrows on a trip to South Africa. The bigger animal is a waterbuck - shot at a water hole at about 28 yards. The smaller is a bushbuck, same waterhole the next day at about 24 yards. He joined the Bowmen last year and shot all summer in preparation for the trip - so the dues paid off!

Jay Lancaster and his 1600 pound Newfoundland Moose. Jay arrowed his 16 point moose
on September 29, 2006 using his 52” Adcock Longbow that he won at our BBTC.

Charles said, " My buddy called in this 45# Sika hind for me on a spot and stalk."

Bill Sienkiewicz shot the deer with a Frederick Longbow 59# Beman carbon
arrow and 125 grain Snuffer broadhead. The shot was made at 8 yards.

Bill Sienkiewicz shot this 10 point deer in Baltimore County. He used a Blacktail recurve bow. The deer weighted 155 pounds.

Club member Bill Fyffe shot a nice 12 point deer.

Bill Sienkiewicz shot this 9 point deer in Baltimore County. He used a Blacktail recurve bow. The deer weighted 165 pounds.

Chris Horst with steady aim shot 2 carp this past summer. One monster size, weighing in at 30lbs. Chris is the 12 year old son of our president Mike Horst.

A nice Non Typical 12 Point Buck taken near Chestertown Maryland. It dressed out at 171 lb. It has 5 points on its right and 7 points on the left. The deer was taken with a bow by Bob Domulevicz.