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Several years ago, the park land was purchased by the State of Maryland and is now part of the Gunpowder State Park system. The club is located on about 65 acres of land. Roughly, about 45 acres is comprised of mature hard woods. The terrain varies from hilly to flat wooded areas with a stream running thru it. This allows us to set up a challenging and beautiful course, whether the shooter is shooting Dots or 3-D.


We have 3 three separate courses plus a ten-target practice Butt range. The practice Butt range allows the shooter the option of Bunny targets, or if they are up to the challenge, targets out to 80 yards.      


1. The Practice range is located immediately behind our clubhouse, contains ten targets, and is open year round. Distance varies to only shots each archer determines reasonable to their abilities and is safe! This is the only range open to non-members at certain times. 

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3. The Howard Hill range (1.10 +/- miles): This is our most popular and longest range as it descends to and back from the Jennifer Branch, a tributary of the mighty Gunpowder River. This range contains many hilly shots and can be considered the most challenging of our three ranges. The most challenging shot backs up to large rocks, so don’t miss or you may see sparks from your field point and your arrow disintegrate. This course is also home to our 3D members only shoots.


2. The Fred Bear Range (0.98+/- miles): Our Fred Bear range is our main range and is open for all of our 3D shoots including our world famous Baltimore Bowmen Traditional Classic. This range has 18 shooting stations and is also home to our recently completed, 12 target, year round, members field archery range. We also have one tree stand shot and one 60 +/- platform shot for those archers that wish for a challenge.


4. The Saint Charles range (0.98+/- miles from driveway): This range allows many diverse shots including some across a small brooke. Many of the shots are from a horse-trail except the part of the range that descends a large hill, or as some have called it in the past, before the range was reconfigured, heart attack hill. 

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