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Several years ago, the park land was purchased by the State of Maryland and is now part of the Gunpowder State Park system. The club is located on about 65 acres of land. Roughly, about 45 acres is comprised of mature hard woods. The terrain varies from hilly to flat wooded areas with a stream running thru it. This allows us to set up a challenging and beautiful course, whether the shooter is shooting Dots or 3-D.


We have 3 three separate courses plus a ten-target practice Butt range. The practice Butt range allows the shooter the option of Bunny targets, or if they are up to the challenge, targets out to 80 yards.      

1. The Howard Hill Course is our most popular course. It is an NFAA sanctioned course of 28 targets. If you enjoy shooting Dots and want to test your skills shooting up hill or down hill you will love this course.

2. Fred Bear is a 28 target Hunter  course that will offer the archer many real life challenging shots, including tree stand and a running deer target. If you are really up to it, we have a whopper of a target that starts at 80 yards down to 20 yards. This target is on the opposite side of a ravine, and as the trail snakes down one side through to the other there are a multitude of real life shot opportunities you can take. This is a favorite of many!

3. Special events 3D course used exclusively for our summer Monday night shoots and the Traditional Classic that we host every year. (This three-day event has been held for over a dozen years and continues to attract traditional archers and their families from as far away as Europe.)

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