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Lesson FAQs

The Baltimore Bowmen club does not have an office or fixed hours of operation. The club's members come and go at varying times. For lessons reach to the below email address.

I’d like to sign up myself/my kids for archery lessons! How does that work?

We don't do formal lessons, aside from an intro lesson to teach people the basics. We then encourage people to come to the biweekly Sunday afternoon practices held at our range if they would like to keep shooting (see the Calendar).


How do I arrange a lesson?

You can contact us at

The Baltimore Bowmen lessons are held a couple times a month, depending how many people make arrangements. The preferred day is Sunday.

How soon can I schedule a lesson?

Please keep in mind, we’re not an archery shop with paid staff scheduled every weekend. We have a group of volunteers who teach the lessons and we have to work around their availability. So it may take some time to schedule you. 


Do I need to bring equipment?

We have loaner gear that we can bring out for the intro lesson and the practices. Please however plan to bring water and wear closed toed shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray.


How much do lessons cost?

There is no cost, we are a volunteer-run club. If you like shooting and decide you would like to do it regularly, though, you can join the club to gain access to the whole club at any time you like. 


How do I find the club?

Turn at the Graham Equestrian Center off Harford Road, drive through the center until you hit the yellow gate. If the gate isn’t already open, let yourself through the gate, then drive down the gravel path until you reach our parking lot. Your instructor will meet you at the pavilion in front of the clubhouse.


Do you have age requirements for children?

For small groups (2 or so kids) we can go as young as 8, but for larger groups the cutoff is 10 years old. We also generally don’t teach more than 12 kids at a time. We also like to keep a high adult to child ratio, so it may take longer to schedule a group kids’ lesson as it’s harder to get a larger number of teachers.


Can I bring my Scout troop?

Absolutely, just see the age and size limits above.


Can you tell me where I can find formal archery lessons?

Vingt Neuf Bowmen in White Marsh offers family lessons between November and March. Lancaster Archery also offers lessons.

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