ATTENTION: For our Winter Shoots face coverings are recommended during all our shoots if you cannot socially distance. Face coverings will be mandatory for registration and any public gathering areas like our clubhouse.  Please check back for updates. Thank you for your understanding.

ATTENTION: We are planning to hold the Traditional Classic with COVID restrictions as required by the State of MD

Winter 3D Fun Shoots

February 21, March 21 and April 18, 2021


Members $5

Non-members $10

10am until 3pm

There will be plenty of 3D targets. Traditional and Compound bows welcome. No Cross bows.

For more information 

John Bogdan (410) 529-9263

Traditional Classic

Friday, 14th: $20.00 per Person

Saturday, 15th: $20.00 per Person

Sunday, 16th: $15.00 per Person

3 Day package: $45.00 per Person

Non Shooters: Free 

Age 15 and younger: Free

Family friendly atmosphere! This three-day event continues to attract traditional archers and their families from as far away as Europe.

For more information 

John Bogdan (410) 529-9263

Jerry Dewese (433) 622-4891